How to Commission a Portrait

1. Get in touch with me

If you would like to just make an initial enquiry about getting a portrait done, or would like to book a slot, just send me a message and I will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hrs. . If you decide to go ahead, we’ll then have a chat via internet or phone about exactly how you want your portrait to appear in terms of size, medium (ie graphite or coloured or pencil), pose, price etc


2. Choose the photograph(s) you'd like me to replicate

Remember most importantly that the finished portrait is going to be almost identical to  the photo you eventually choose and will be on your wall for many years. Visit my Choosing/Taking a suitable photo page for advice on selecting or taking the most suitable photo


3. Book a commission

Once you and I are;

- happy with the photo you'd like me to use
- we have agreed on the size of the portrait
- chosen the medium to be used ie watercolour or pencil
- decided whether the finished portrait is to be mounted or not
- sorted delivery - ie to whom, where and how it will be delivered
- and agreed on the final price and payment terms

you can book a commission. 


3. Make a Payment

Depending on the commission, a deposit may or may not be required in advance, it will depend on several factors including size, style and detail. We will discuss and agree on this prior to you making the commission booking. 

When I feel that the portrait might be finished I’ll email a photo of it to you to have a look at. If there’s anything you’d like me to alter at this stage I may be able to make minor adjustments (and send you more photos to check). When you’re completely happy you can make the payment and I’ll arrange delivery straight away.


Contact Me today

for a friendly, no obligation chat about your Portrait Commission